The Hack Game – The Game

Hacking is a problem that is occurring more and more often and important to prevent. In this new concept, you will learn how hackers work and how to defend yourself against them on the basis of a serious game. The system is hacked and you have to recover the system by solving different puzzles and riddles that are similar to real hacking. In this way you get into the role of a hacker.

Your Mission:

You are a part of an elite hacking team of a secret government agency. Our credible sources has informed us that the “Firm” (a notorious criminal hacking company) has got hold of a top secret government information and they will be selling this top secret government information to a list of  “potential buyers” Your mission is to hack the system of “The Firm” and get yourself to infiltrate to be amongst the list of “potential buyers” so you may also have access to the top secret government information that they are going to sell to.


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Who is this designed for?

  • SMEs
  • MNCs
  • Government agencies 
  • Schools
  • Basically any companies (big or small) who like to have an online escape room as a team building activity and at the same time learnt about protecting themselves against cyber crime & hacking.


Why You Should Book This?

Perfect for a team building activity during this pandemic as all participants will be experiencing this via their laptop and desktop. No intermingling with other staffs.

To Create awareness for your company staffs to learn more about protecting themselves against

  • hacking,
  • online privacy,
  • cybersecurity,
  • phishing,
  • password security,
  • identity fraud

Each year, millions of dollars are being scammed from companies by scam syndicates worldwide as a result of poor knowledge on the danger of cyber security.

In the news recently:

$82 million lost through top 10 scams in first half of 2020, double the amount from a year ago.

10,402 scams from Jan to Aug this year, double the number reported in the same period last year:

What is Needed:

  • Desktop/Laptop with internet connection
  • Google Chrome Browse
  • Hack Guide (we will provide)



How is this conducted?

This is conducted via zoom as the communication channel. The team leader of each team will be given a secret hacking URL and an access code to access the hack game, and shares his screen with his team members.


How many can play at the same time?

We can have 4 pax per team. So if you have let’s say 20 pax, this will be divided into 5 groups of 4 pax. If you pay 100 pax, this will be divided into 25 groups of 4 pax. The fastest group to escape(hack) successfully wins!


Hack Trailer 1:



Hack Trailer 2:



Please contact us to get a free quotation at [email protected]